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First Round of the Season

Well, I got my first round of the season in over Easter Weekend with my dad, at Red Oaks Golf Course. It was a good time, beautiful weather, and I can’t wait to go again. I just have to wait for my knee to heal and the weather to improve!

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March 30: Red Oaks Golf Course – Madison Heights, MI – 9 holes, 39 strokes
For being the first round of the season I was very happy with my performance! I hit the green on just about every Par 3, and had a par opportunity on most holes.
Highlight: Piped a drive about 250 yards on hole 5!

Week 11 Results and Week 12 Picks

Time has been hard to find to keep this updated, so here is a quick recap from last week…

Correct Picks
Falcons over Cardinals
Cowboys over Browns
Bengals over Chiefs
Redskins over Eagles
Buccaneers over Panthers
Texans over Jaguars
Saints over Raiders
Broncos over Chargers
Patriots over Colts
Ravens over Steelers
49ers over Bears

Wrong Picks
Dolphins over Bills
Rams over Jets

At 62-23 that is not bad at all… here are the Turkey week picks!

Redskins at COWBOYS
Vikings at BEARS
Raiders at BENGALS
STEELERS at Browns
Bills at COLTS
BRONCOS at Chiefs
SEAHAWKS at Dolphins
TITANS at Jaguars
RAVENS at Chargers
49ers at SAINTS
RAMS at Cardinals
PACKERS at Giants
PANTHERS at Eagles

Happy Thanksgiving!

Week 10

Well, I’m doing pretty well so far this season, let’s see if I can keep it going! This week features a great Sunday Night match-up as the Bears host the Texans, as well as quite a few other exciting match-ups!

COLTS at Jaguars
Andrew Luck and the Colts cruse to a win in Jacksonville on Thursday night. The Colts move to 6-3 and continue their four game win streak!

GIANTS at Bengals
The Bengals are 1-3 in Cinci, and the Giants are 3-1 on the road. The Giants win, but the Bengals will put up a fight.

Titans at DOLPHINS
The Dolphins have been playing surprisingly good and under the radar of late. They take this home game and move to 5-4 on the year and looking for a Wild Card.

Patriots at home, against one of the worst defenses in the NFL… Pats win.

FALCONS at Saints
I am in a tight spot here, the Falcons are good, but are bound to lose at some point. All the Saints can do it air it out with Drew Brees, and Atlanta is a team on fire. I think Atlanta pulls off a close one on the road over their division foe!

CHARGERS at Buccaneers
This has the makings to be a sloppy game, Tampa can stop the run, but not the pass, and the Chargers have glimpses of a good team. I think Phillip Rivers throws for 350 and 4 TD’s in a win on the road.

BRONCOS at Panthers
John Elway is getting exactly what he wanted when he signed Peyton. They upset the Panthers in Carolina.

Raiders at RAVENS
The Ravens have played well at home this year, 4-0, and the Radiers don’t have a good defense. Ravens win in a blow out. 

No one really knows which Jets team is going to shop up in Seattle, and the Seahawks have been playing rather well lately. Seattle wins at home and moves to 6-4 overall.

COWBOYS at Eagles
Dallas and Philly haven’t lived up to the expectations of the off season. Dallas can do everything except run the ball, and Philly is mediocre at best overall. Cowboys win on the road… shout out to Kevin H on this one!

Rams at  49ERS
I would love to see a Rams upset in San Fran on Sunday, but I don’t think their defense is going to be able to stop the top running team in the league at home. 49ers win, but we continue to question Alex Smith.

TEXANS at Bears
What I want to say:
The Texans put the Bears in place, Urlacher and Peppers are both forced to retire after Ray Rice forces them to go onto oxygen tanks. J.J. Watt puts Cutler in his place, Brandon Marshall decides he hates Chicago’s weather and sits out, Matt Forte sprains his MCL, again, and Chicago cuts him from the team at half time, Devin Hester decides he is sick of Chicago and runs a put return all the way back to his Miami home and signs with the Dolphins. Texans win, and put up over 600 yards of offense.

What I will say:
This is going to be a great game, between two solid, young teams, Texans defense shuts down the Bears in Chicago and move to 7-2.

Chiefs at STEELERS
KC doesn’t stand a chance against Pitt’s defense. This will be a low scoring game, as the Steelers claim their sixth victory of the season.

NFL Week 9 Results

This week was a pretty good one for my picks! The two picks that I got wrong were toss ups that I debated for a while. Overall for the week I went 11-2!

Correct Picks
Chargers over Chiefs
Broncos over Bengals
Ravens over Browns
Packers over Cardinals
Bears over Titans
Colts over Dolphins
Texans over Bills
Seahawks over Vikings
Steelers over Giants
Falcons over Cowboys
Saints over Eagles

Wrong Picks
Panthers over Redskins
Cam Newton played like his Rookie of the Year self, and led the Panthers over RG3 and the Redskins. I knew this was going to be exciting game, and thought RG3 would of pulled it off, but Cam Newton has his best game of the season.

Buccaneers over Raiders
The Buc’s offense was able to hold off the Raiders in a shootout that totaled 74 points. 

Well after another successful week, my yearly record is 51-21, that’s not bad!

NFL Week 9

Well, after a busy few weeks in the life of A MiZZle, my only plans this Sunday, are too sit and watch football all day Sunday!

Chiefs at CHARGERS
The Chargers have been slipping as of late, and the only good part of their team is stopping the run, which is good, because that is all the Chiefs are good at. I’ll take San Diego at home with the win and move back to 500.

BRONCOS at Bengals
I don’t want to say it, but Peyton Manning has been playing like an MVP so far this year. I think Denver will win on the road, but the Bengals will put up a fight.

RAVENS at Browns
The Ravens defense hasn’t been the bright spot of the season like it usually is. I think Joe Flacco leads the Ravens to victory in Cleveland.

Cardinals at PACKERS
Arizona started hot and have since cooled off, Green Bay started slow, and have since picked up the pace. Green Bay wins at home, easily.

BEARS at Titans
As a Lions fan it hurts me to have the Bears winning this game and moving to 7-1, but I think they are too much for Tennessee to handle and stay atop the NFC North.

Dolphins at COLTS
This is going to be a surprising exciting match up! I think the Colts hang on to victory in the final minutes in Indy.

Panthers at REDSKINS
Cam Newton verse RG3, a lot of comparisons have been made, but RG3 would rather be compared to Aaron Rogers that Cam Newton. I like RG3 and the Redskins to win this one… it is going to be an exciting quarterback match up though!

Bills at TEXANS
Houston is playing like they want to win the Super Bowl, the Bills are not going to stop them.

Buccaneers at RAIDERS
Tampa Bay has a better offense, and Oakland has a better defense. I’ll take the home team, Oakland can play pretty good ball with Carson Palmer, Darren McFadden, and Denarius Moore.

Vikings at SEAHAWKS
Seattle is 3-0 at home, both teams have great rushing attacks, but the Seahawks have the better defense. Seattle moves to 4-0 at home and 5-4 on the year.

STEELERS at Giants
The Steelers have the best defense in the NFL, and the Giants have one of the best passing attacks in the NFL. I like the Steelers and Big Ben to upset the Giants in this one on the road.

Cowboys at FALCONS
Atlanta is 7-0 on the year so far, the Cowboys are not going to stop Matty Ice, they move to 8-0.

Eagles at SAINTS
A Monday night match up of two teams that were supposed to be matching up looking a lot better than a combined 5-9. The Saints have the best passing attack in the NFL, but are 30th, 31st, and 32nd in passing defense, rushing defense, offensive rushing respectively. I think the Saints pull out a close one in the Superdome. WHO DAT!?

NFL Week 8 Predictions and Results

So I wrote this post last week, and forgot to post it due to the events of Treefest 2012, that post will come later. This week in my predictions I went 11-2, my fantasy team however failed to reach 60 points and lost. Anyways, on to the results of the week.

Correct Picks
Bears over Panthers
Packers over Jaguars
Colts over Titans
Patriots over Rams
Dolphins over Jets
Falcons over Eagles
Steelers over Redskins
Raiders over Chiefs
Giants over Cowboys
Broncos over Saints
49ers over Cardinals

Wrong Picks
Buccaneers over Vikings
The Vikings were a completely different team than they have been the rest of the season.

Browns over Chargers
Just a sloppy game that both teams should of lost.

Overall on the year I am 40-19… I’m doing pretty good, and my Week 9 preview should be on time since Treefest is over, haha!